I am simply an ex-SEGA fan who has had enough.

I am not seeking to be unbanned from any SEGA service, nor would I accept any such offer. My personal anecdote is only supplied to provide an insight into the problems of the non-Japanese community of SEGA’s Phantasy Star Online 2.

I would however take down this website if SEGA were to decide to do the right thing, make a formal appology to non-Japanese fans and make a solid promise that non-Japanese people will be allowed to stay on the Japanese servers (with full support and rights) OR; the foreign localized versions of the game will launch with ALL existing content (stages, weapons and costumes included) AND will remain up-to-date with the Japanese version.


Send me a message on word press, or a leave a comment.

Alternatively: pso2gaijin@gmail.com


6 thoughts on “About

  1. “the foreign localized versions of the game will launch with ALL existing content (stages, weapons and costumes included) AND will remain up-to-date with the Japanese version.”
    I would love if this happen, but I doubt it will. Why? Because they can make much more money if they release at the same rate as they do for the Japanese server. That would mean the USA server will always have 1 year late updates (if they release this year, it could be more if they delay it further….) to maximize their gains and exploit the new fans. As you said in the main page, I don’t think they give a damn about the ‘gaijins’ who already play on their jp server, synchronizing the content is not a priority as:
    1) we should not know what is the updated version because we are contractually unable to enter the game.(Because of the contract, everything we see and learn are invalid as we should never had seen it :p)
    2) if we don’t know the content (theoretically), we would welcome the updates as a first time user and feel as satisfied as the Japanese were when they received the content. (But we already have a big community in game, those interested in the game look for new information, even without the community blogs, we have many ways to translate their texts, so we have access to all info the jp public has and their old news are old news to us too :p)
    3) the content keeps expanding, and it will take a long time to translate all that has been released. while taking time to translate new content is already been created so the translation will never catch up. (this just mean the USA location team are slower than the Japanese content team, Comparing the amount of work each group has, this should not happen but it is possible)

    Anyway, for now I will keep this game forgotten, if it someday releases in USA I will take a look, but without much hope….

    Sorry for any grammatical errors,

  2. I was just about to try an dplay PSU but now I am not going to even when it comes out in NA. I will recommend everyone I know and don’t know to never play this game. SEGA is a disgrace now. I am sorry for the wrong that had been done to you. If SEGA doesn’t cough up now then who knows they might just face financial devastation around the corner. What they are doing now just isn’t right. As the saying goes, “What goes around comes around”. We’ll see how exactly how they feel when it all comes back to them. I now will probably NEVER buy a SEGA product ever again especially not until this whole mess is cleared up. Know this there are A LOT of people standing by your side. Let’s see what their next move will be on this chess board.

  3. Hi, i have already sent you an email to your account suggesting you to take an action against sega for this matter, i hope you read it.

    Racism in japanese games should stop ASAP

  4. thank you for taking action against something that bothers us PSO2 users for a long time. Honestly i doubt that Sega will show a positive solution for our sitiuation and the game´s starting to look too old (compared to many other MMORPGs like FFXIV) to publish it in western territories.

  5. I am sorry to hear about you losing all the time and money you invested in this game, especially with the lack of response to any enquiries you have made into this, I myself have been waiting and hoping for a EU/NA release for the past two years and now that the English format is out in Asia, I have completely given up on this and on SEGA as a whole, as with many friends and other people who I known from PSU community, none of us now will be putting any further money into the games this company without PSO2 being released in EU/NA with an apology for the amount of time they have taken to release it, which will never happen, well I can’t see the actual game release happen either never mind the apology over it.

    So now, despite how much I loved playing PSU and spending hours upon hours playing it or spending time with the community on there (xbox 360 version), it would not bother me in the slightest if SEGA now went bankrupt, in fact it would make me smile if it was due to them not considering the western consumers for a good source of revenue for the company.

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